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Making Money with Oil and Gas Business with Little or no Capital

Making Money with Oil and Gas Business with Little or no Capital

• Let us face it, there is much money in oil and gas business.
• This is not just a Nigerian reality but a global certainty.
• Most Nigerians know this, but most think it is a business exclusively reserve for the rich and mighty, so they don’t dare to think about it.
• Come to think of it, the biggest boys in Nigeria ply their trade in the oil and gas sector, the Mike Adenuga’s of Globacom, Ifeanyi Uba’s, Dantata’s and the teaming rest are all players in the oil and gas sector.
• The goodnews is that you too can become a player in the Oil and Gas Sector with little or no capital, trust me with little or no capital.
• All you need is adequate knowledge
• The right skills
• Discipline and determination, yes you need a lot of that to do business in Nigeria and elsewhere.
• Hundreds of Nigerians are making huge amount of money from oil and gas business with little or no initial start- up capital. How are they doing it?
• If you know how, you can reproduce the same success story; success leaves clues, those who want result study those who have result.
Having lived in Delta State, Nigeria, I see many waste precious time, energy and resources trying to attract foreign expatriates into the country for an upstream oil deal all to no avail. Many of these foreigners come into the country and are lodged in 5 star hotels incurring more costs for their prospective business partners who would do anything at this stage including going into debts to convince these foreigners to seal the deal with them, many of these deal fail for one reason or the other.
Anyone who has gotten this close to sealing oil deal with foreigners in most cases end up broke, frustrated, and angry with the whole system. They opt out of the industry telling friends, families and anyone who cares to listen not to dare the business not after their hope was so raised and dashed at the same time. They conclude that if you are not a money bag you have no business in oil and gas business.
These are some of the gory tells you hear from the industry that makes many Nigerians think that oil and gas business is a dirty deal and holds no hope for the common man.

As you can see, the upstream or the midstream sector of the petroleum industry can be very risky and costly and I don’t encourage a beginner without prior experience to go into it. Also note that the petroleum industry is a highly regulated industry, you may not have all the requirements and paper work needed to go into the upstream or the midstream sector of the industry. So your sure take is the downstream. You can become a player in the downstream sector with little or no capital, it is also the less risky sector of the industry.
So how can I join the oil and Gas business with little or no initial capital?
1. You can start as subsidiary company or partner to any private petroleum marketing company or oil dealers in Nigeria.
2. Your stock in trade will be petrol; diesel, engine oil or kerosene
3. You will need to work hand in hand and connect to the main license holders in the industry, this will give you access to sell as many possible trucks of petrol, diesel, engine oil and kerosene to consumers.
4. Note that you don’t need an office to start.
5. You will need to register the name of your business with the COPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION OF NIGERIA, with this you will obtain your business registration certificate. (Note: Even though this is necessary, you don’t have to wait until you register, you can start right away and register as you go on in the business)
6. Having registered your business you can open a corporate account with any of the Nigerian Bank. (I will reveal to you to you why you need this account later on this blog). So become a regular visitor to our blog to get all the Information)
So what are the necessary steps to take?
Where can I find this marketers?
How do I partner with them?
How do I thrive in this business?
How to make my first supply of petroleum product, guaranteed?
How to double my income in the first month of the business?
These and many more will be discussed in my subsequent blog, so become a regular visitor and you can also join our mailing list.
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Yours Committed
Chidi Shekinah