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Making Money with Bitcoin

Making Money with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first digital currency or electronic money created by a guy known as Satoshi Nakamoto which is not his real name. Like the coin and paper money before it, bitcoin has gained a wide acceptance among business people and internet users as a means of exchange and payment of bills and settlement of debts.Created in the year 2008 with a value that is less than a cent, bitcoin has risen in value in just a space of 8 years to over 2000 dollars  and still increasing, as at the time of writing this article bitcoin is worth 781115.07 Nigeria Naira and that is 2481.70 US Dollars.

In the beginning of bitcoins a few faucets gave out 5 bitcoins for free,those who grasped the bitcoin ideology early are presently each of the bitcoin millionaire. Bitcoin has made its own particular era of millionaires with names, for example, Gavin Andresen, Yifu Guo, Winklevoss twins,Tony Gallipi, Jered Kenna,Dave Carlson and numerous more in the rundown.


Well contingent upon the amount you will invest. As at the season of writting this post bitcoin is worth more than 2000 dollars,that gives you a thought of the amount you have to invest to claim one bitcoin.There will ever be just 21 million bitcoin and more than 16 million is available for use and more are being mined,meaning you have an opportunity to snatch one of these 5 million remaining bitcoins left

One extraordinary thing with bitcoin is that it is a superior store of significant worth than the money of some other country, dollars, pounds, euros, nairas included. Bitcoin is not really influenced specifically by inflation, it is a more secure way to save money.


I am going to list and explain some of the ways you can earn bitcoin today.

  • Faucets
  • Signature Campaign
  • Blog Post
  • Mining

Faucets: Faucets are websites that pay you a fragment of bitcoin for downloading a page full of adverts, solving captchas, playing games, doing a survey or completing a task on their websites.Whereas this is the first way many dare to earn their first bitcoin apart from investing, it is not a reliable way to earn bitcoin, as the fragments paid as so small. A few faucets pay between 1000-5000 Satoshis within a time frame of about 60 minutes, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes etc, this is so minute considering that I bitcoin is 100000000 Satoshis

Even though these faucets promise free bitcoins but they are indeed not free because apart from the fact that you are burning your data, which of course in Nigeria and some other countries means money, energy and time , you also have to forfeit a percentage of what you earn on their website for payouts , these sometimes take a chunk of whatever you may have earned from the faucets.

But if you have enough time and willing to work hard you can make your first fragment of bitcoin from faucets (I recommend coinpot faucets like bitfun.co, moonbit.co.in. bonusbitcoin.co as well as freebitco.in) these are more reliable faucets that pay, and they have been around for relatively a while. When you do fauceting for a while you may be able to have some rewards for your trouble, you may make between 0.02-0.05 from faucets. But it is indeed not realistic that you can make 1 bitcoin from faucet as that would mean someone giving close to a million naira free.

But you can do faucets along with other methods like signature campaign which I will be discussing with you next.

Signature Campaign: Making money with signature campaign will require registering with BitcoinTalk or some other forums where members talk about bitcoin, an advantage of joining these forums especially BitcoinTalk is that it affords you the opportunity to learn more about bitcoin and you can earn money by becoming an active member of these sites. BitcoinTalk requires that you post about 120 meaningful posts to become an active member of the forum after which your subsequent posts and campaigns begins to earn you bitcoin depending on your grade.( In my subsequent posts I will dedicate one to teaching how to do effective signature campaign, just keep visiting this blog and sign up for our email list).

Blog Post: There are websites that will pay you in bitcoin  for being a guest writer on bitcoin. Top notch writers are paid as much as $80 for a post of a minimum of 1000 words.But this depends on how knowledgeable you are on bitcoin and how abraced  you are on the recent development in the bitcoin world, as well as your command of the English language. Top find some of these websites willing to pay you for your writing skill visit ”coinality” to get a list of blog that may be seeking for guest blog writers.

Thanks for reading

Yours Committed

Chidi Shekinah.

Chidi Shekinah is a seasoned trainer, an exceptional blogger, a seminar facilitator, a prolific writer, a conference speaker per excellence and a human capacity development expert.

He is the Project Manager of 4 Streams Initiative. He has a life mandate ‘’to help people recover lost grounds and secure future crowns’’.

He champions the cause of success and life skillsleadership skills and governance, Customer Service skillsChurch Development and Packaging, and also Change and Growth Consultancy.

He has authored books such ‘The Motivational Recipe for Effective Life’ and ‘Change; the Catalyst of Growth’ etc

He is happily married with children.

Make Money Doing Internet Business

Make Money Doing Internet Business

Download for free the ‘As A Man Thinketh’ by James Allen

”My number-one “Internet Millionaire Secret” for you is that the Internet has significantly reduced the costs and even eliminated many of the risks of starting your own business. The arrival of e-business has changed the rules of business so dramatically that now is the best time in history for you to take charge of your life and start your own business.”

Scenics who predicted the fall of the internet were soon to discover that they did that in a hurry without considering the diverse and enormous potentials of the thriving industry.

’ The years 2001–2004 were tough for Internet businesses, but the development of the digital economy is still only in the early innings of a nine-inning ball game. Online sales are continuing to explode and could reach more than $300 billion in the United States alone by 2010. This is more than 12 percent of overall retail U.S. sales from a new category of business that hardly existed ten years ago!’’

Today the internet is an integral part of our societal life because it permeates all of human activities.The internet today more than ever holds a high business and investment prospect. Hence if you are the type who is considering what business to venture into, then I present to you The Internet Business.

You should keep reading if you are one of the millions of people who want to:

  1.  Change careers
  2. Attain financial freedom
  3.  Exert more control over your career and lifestyle
  4.  Experience the flexibility of being your own boss
  5.  Explore the potential of working from home
  6. Pursue a creative business idea or two (or at least try to develop one)

Then the internet is your sure take;

What is Internet Business?

Internet Business in a lay man’s understanding is any legitimate activity done on the internet with the aim of Making Money.

Anything I can do on the internet that will yield INCOME legitimately.

There is no limit to the amount of Wealth one can possibly create on the internet.

All you need do is to have a thing of Value to offer.

Wealth is attracted by Value, for every Value you give you get Wealth.

So, do you have a thing of value that people can part with their money just to have? Something that people will be willing to pay you for in other to have them.

It could be a product or a service you render or a solution and information that will solve a problem.

The internet provides a platform to offer such solutions to countless numbers of internet surfers and users all over the world.

The internet provides a global platform, so with internet business you are no longer limited to a place or time.

How Can I Earn Money from the Internet?

I will make it very simple for you.

The internet does not offer a fast way of making money. So if you are looking for a quick way of making money; sorry you are reading the wrong article.

But surely the internet offers you a sure way of legitimately making money. Just let your imaginations run wild, there is no limit to the amount of wealth you can create on the internet if you KNOW HOW.

People are making a stupendous amount of money on the internet daily.

Millions are cashed everyday on the internet daily.

If you doubt me ask Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook and many of his likes.

With the secret I will be showing you in my Internet Time Bomb kit. You will just be set for explosion.

With one of this secret I pulled 145,000 naira to my Nigerian Bank account last month.

Making money over the internet is real and a lot of young people have been kept out of the street and are genuinely making huge sums of money, thanks to the Internet Business.

With the internet the only limitation you are facing is your Mind.

The only enemy you have to defeat is Self.

Your greatest limitations are Self-Imposed. Wake Up!

Cash into this opportunity and do something about your ailing financial state.

Who Can Make Money On the Internet?

Just about any Tom, Dick and Harry from any part of the world can make money from the internet if he knows how?

You have seen the problem here is not who but how.

Your academic qualification notwithstanding,

Your age, sex, location, and past experiences are immaterial when it comes to making money online.

Yes you, even you can make money online, if I can then you can.

You don’t need to be the high tech guy.With little information on how to surf the internet and the willingness to do what I will be asking you to do. You will be unleashed for great income earning over the internet.

How much do I need to start?

With the internet business, you need little or no capital to start. But I advise you should be willing to pay at least a minimal amount to maximize the services online. The internet provides you with free, small and huge budget marketing plan online.

This is it, you work harder when you don’t pay, but the work is more efficient and easier when you pay. My kit Internet Time Bomb Kit will teach you how to maximize your budget to do the best marketing online. It will tell you exactly what to pay for and how to pay for them. It is a work manual in your hands from the bests.

What should I do to Earn Money on the Internet?

There are several streams of income on the internet.

Just about anything you can do in the actual business world can thrive in the virtual business world.

But to make this very simple for you let me itemize a few thus;

  • Information Marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Pay Per Survey/Click
  • Data Entry
  • Facebook Advert
  • Website Development/Blogging
  • Importation Online etc.

What are the common challenges of Internet Business?

Listed above are just a few of the numerous businesses through which one can make money on the internet. The possibilities are limitless.

But like many other businesses, internet business is not without challenges especially in Nigeria. One of such areas of challenges is payment. I am sure you would want to know how I get paid. How can I have my Nigerian Bank account credited from my business online?

This use to be a huge challenge before now, but no longer.

My kit Internet Time Bomb Kit will tell you exactly what to do for any model of business you want to start online.

As part of my philosophy in life, whatever is without challenge is not worth my time and pursuit.

So if it is valuable it must come with some price and challenges.

Of course you know that every good thing comes with a price tag.

These also explain why some fail in Internet Business.

There is no worthy venture in life without a list of failures and successes,

Pessimists and Optimists

People with high hopes and people with no hope.

And you must make one of the lists. What will determine which of the list you will make is what you will do with the instructions I will be giving to you from this point.

I want you to SUCCEED because I am a success.

I am a testimony to the fact that Internet Business is real.

My Story

Some years ago I lost my paid job, broke like hell, no savings, no house, and no love.

My state was a pitiable one. I was begging virtually for everything in life. Friends deserted me, relatives abandoned me. In frustration I retired to my village a year later. Because life in the city was frustrating the living hell out of me.

Well, I retired to my village with a digital photo camera (Prior to this time, I have never handled a camera before, BUT life forced me to become a compulsory photographer) a laptop, and a photo printer.

I saved some money from my new business and moved to a neighboring small town to start life afresh.With the presence of the internet and other facilities in that town. I decided to go back into what I have always wanted to do Internet Business. But this time not without getting all the necessary information I could get. I surfed the net for every information I would lay my hands on, I was barely breaking through until I came across some materials that are part of what I call today the Internet Time Bomb kit.

Today the story is no longer the same. I now live in a choice apartment. I eat what I want to eat, go to wherever I like to go, wear what I want to wear. I now have so much love coming from my family to last me a life time. I just ordered gadgets worth hundreds of thousand recently from China; A few years ago it was not possible. To someone it may not be an achievement, but considering where I came from and what I have been through. It is an encouraging accomplishment. I am still hopeful of the best years to come through my Internet Business.

I hope you succeed also. Take your eyes off the present state, off the mockery and shame. I was that same guy, that no one gave a chance of surviving. No one thought I would make it. I tried a whole lot of things in life and failed. In fact, my name was synonymous to failure. I gave up on myself several times. But I never gave up my passion.

There is something you can do about your present predicament.

The choice is yours.

What must I do to earn money online?

 Here I will be giving you specific instructions.

  • Get your own copy of the Internet Time Bomb Kit
  • Devour them like your whole life depends on it, because your financial future is actually dependent on it.
  • Develop your business model/Product/Service. Assuming you want to start Information marketing.
  • Build a blog or a website; the Internet Time Bomb Kit will teach you how to.
  • Get Softwares that will help you design an eBook or eCover.
  • Develop your content. Begin to write your articles and submit to your blog and also share on other social media platform as well as websites like www.enzinearticles.com
  • Pull traffic to your blog or website. The Internet Time Bomb Kit will teach you how to. At least a million visitors to your site.
  • Target the right audience. The Internet Time Bomb Kit  will teach how to?
  • Get ready to smile to the bank.

Why People fail on Internet Business?

Ignorance: The edge you have in the internet business is what you know above your competitors. People fail when they are not well informed. To stay ahead you must know ahead. So you need the right, adequate and up to date information to succeed in the internet business. And I am offering to you the University of Internet Business in this product Internet Time Bomb Kit.

The knowledge you will glean from these materials will not only ensure your success in internet business but also make you an authority in the field.

Poor Marketing Strategy: People fail when they don’t target the right audience. Make sure you target the right audience. Make sure you are selling to the right people who need your products. TheInternet Time Bomb Kit will teach you ways to pull the right traffic for your products.

Just one product online: With my kit you will learn several ways of making money online.

What Internet Time Bomb Kit is not?

Today, I must be the first to admit that people sell all manner of junks online. Materials that don’t worth half the value you spend on them. So I will want to help you understand what you should expect or not expect when you buy my kit. Internet Time Bomb Kit.

Internet Time Bomb Kit is not some half-baked report by some amateur writers or a recycling of some information without a verifiable source.

But a product of years of research, empirical findings and the works of reputable authors and notable heads in Internet Business.

So I am offering you the exact books you need to read to champion the Internet Business, four of them from reputable authors.

No missing words when I say this is the University of Internet Business in one pack.

What you will learn from my kit Internet Time Bomb Kit?

Like I said these are the exact books you need to read if you want to make money online. No other information will suffice. Stop peddling garbages, half-baked reports designed only to enrich the reporters, yet leaving you more confused or stocked along the line. Read from the authorities themselves.

Learn from the authorities

Ø How to build a professional website using simple to use already available tools on the internet.

Ø How to register and own a Domain name.

Ø How to add your site to google directory.

Ø Learn first-hand how to do Search Engine Optimization.(SEO)Do-it-yourself

Ø All you need to know about Google AdSense.(this is also money spinning machine)

Ø How to improve your site visibility with AdWords.

Ø How to organize files and make money with google apps.

Ø And many, many more………


I have a bonus for the first 50 people that will buy the Internet Time Bomb Kit

  • Life mentorship from me on Internet Business
  • I will personally build a blog for you FREE.
  • Then a comprehensive report on how to import cheap cars from any part of the world through the internet without having to touch the Warf.
  • Another comprehensive report on all you need to know about Importation from China.
  • Then a report on how to get a loan in Nigeria without collateral to the tune of 500,000 within one month of application.
  • And one of the finest books written on the subject of Wealth Creation by Brian Tracy.

Kiss good bye to poverty today. Prove your critics wrong. Act Now!

Get the Internet Time Bomb Kit!!!

I hear you say too good to be true, but like I said earlier I want you to succeed. That is why I am adding these bonuses in addition to the quality information in my kit Internet Time Bomb Kit.

All I am offering to you is valued at 35,000 naira. But I will not charge you that, because every proceed I make from this is going straight to my mum’s account as my promise to her on Mothering Sunday. She taught me to be considerate and do everything within my power to help who I can. Because of this I will help you. I won’t charge you 15,000 or 10,000 not even 7000.

But I will be giving it out at 4,999.00 naira.

So with just 4,999.00 naira only you will get the Internet Time Bomb Kit.

How to Pay and get It

Go to the nearest Zenith Bank close to you. Pay into the;

Account Name: Nwafor Chukwudi

Account Number: 2118776422

Phone: 09036967204

When you pay into the account stated above. Send me your names, how much you deposited and your email address where I will send you the kit. When I confirm your payment I will send you the Internet Time Bomb Kit in the next 3hrs.

Thank you for reading my article and acting promptly.

You can also visit my blog chididesk.blogspot.com to read more articles and download more FREE quality books.

Yours Committed

Chidi Shekinah.

Chidi Shekinah is a seasoned trainer, an exceptional blogger, a seminar facilitator, a prolific writer, a conference speaker per excellence and a human capacity development expert.

He is the Project Manager of 4 Streams Initiative. He has a life mandate ‘’to help people recover lost grounds and secure future crowns’’.

He champions the cause of success and life skillsleadership skills and governance, Customer Service skillsChurch Development and Packaging, and also Change and Growth Consultancy.

He has authored books such ‘The Motivational Recipe for Effective Life’ and ‘Change; the Catalyst of Growth’ etc

He is happily married with children.