Recession and difficult times is as old as man, but it is also a known fact that major breakthroughs and inventions that man has ever made come at the heat of tough  and difficult times. Man is always challenged and stretched during difficult times but also man discovers his greatest strength during these periods in history. None has ever escaped this life without experiencing tough times Robert Schuler wrote a book a few years back title “Tough times don’t last,but tough people do”. As a businessman the market has gone from intense to harder. Organizations are scaling back, your client base has dropped exceedingly. You are thinking about stopping. No way! Consider a portion of the advises that will enable you to survive and even flourish in extreme circumstances. These advises are applicable personally and corporately.

What to do at a Personal Level

1. Stop Complaining.

This single demonstration will deplete all your vitality and keep you from seeing the open doors around you.

2. Get In Touch.

One of the main things to occur in an intense market is that most awful and a significant number of the fair players surrender. Try not to give your business connections a chance to think about whether that is the place you fit in. Call everybody you have ever worked with or might want to work with and let them know you are still around. Reveal to them you’re prepared, willing and ready to serve them. Speak the truth about the extreme circumstances and give them the chance to help you with some business or a referral or a few.

3. Dig Again.

A terrible market is an incredible reason to be lethargic. Try not to get gotten in the ‘no one’s purchasing anything so why trouble’ disorder. Clean off the great work propensities. Get in right on time, remain late, and possibly put in a half day on your typical day or days off. Constancy dependably pays enormous profits.

4. Sharpen Your Skills.

When you would least be able to stand to is regularly the best and most vital time to put resources into yourself. Keep in mind, it is the terrible and unremarkable who stopped in extreme circumstances. Hone your aptitudes. Enhance your amusement.

5. Look For Opportunities.

The hardest circumstances dependably have conveyed with them the best open doors. It can be hard to see openings while you’re being assaulted with negative press, negative input, and negative considerations. Be that as it may, put aside the negative and search for the open doors. They do exist and they can be yours.

6. Don’t Go Overboard. Have a great time.

This is the simplest guidance to take after. Buckle down, yet recall that harder circumstances as a rule cause higher anxiety levels. Keep up your activity design, eat well, appreciate the wonderful place we live in, and have some good times.

What to do at a Corporate Level

7. Evaluate and take out over the top obligation.

On the off chance that your incomes have dropped, you will be unable to benefit the obligation you went up against when your incomes were substantially higher. Any obligation can be worked out – secured obligation, advances ensured by the Small Business Administration, contracts, credit extensions, and even rents.

8. Downsize.

On the off chance that you haven’t as of now, lessen your headcount and overhead. You can convey a similar sum – or progressively – by expanding efficiency.

9. Track your funds every day – and begin today.

Introduce a key pointer framework to track your business and have day by day, week by week and month to month monetary reports issued. Take after productivity per work, every week, per customer, per item. Utilize these markers to concentrate on your most beneficial items or administrations. Make nothing that does not get a benefit.

10. Reduce inventories and overhead at any cost.

Search for things that does not move or turn every now and again. That is the place your money is bolted up – in your cost of materials, work, et cetera, holding up to be transformed into money after it’s sold and the receivables gathered. This can bring about a gigantic money deplete.

11. Train and broadly educate your staff.

In the event that each employment or errand is found out by no less than one extra individual, when the essential individual is out, the optional individual broadly educated to play out the undertaking can jump in and spare the day. Thus work proceeds, and profitability stays high regardless of the nonappearance of a key player. Smoother creation, more prominent efficiency and more joyful clients mean a superior main concern.

12. Review you’re promoting and decrease spending on conventional media.

Utilize the web and concentrate on existing customers first; get more out of them. Web showcasing will spare many organizations.. To put it plainly, it implies that there are people on the web making gainful hits of specialty items, administrations and excitement.

13. Resist benefit eating deals and marking down.

Try not to give away your item; rather, contend with administration, quality and uniqueness. Make a specialty and have an upper hand. The huge box stores can’t contend with you, particularly on benefit. It’s the private venture upper hand.

14. Expand geologically if conceivable.

Web advertising can take you anyplace, particularly on the off chance that you can make an ability or a specialty thing or administration. Find what you do that is one of a kind and do it as expansive as could be expected under the circumstances.

15. Manage viably.

This implies following and breaking down key markers, monetary reports and efficiency. Get littler first and more beneficial; at that point develop gradually and precisely.

16. Focus on quality.

That is the thing that wins over the long haul. Never neglect this

Keep in mind until the point that you quit it is not finished yet.

Thanks for reading

Yours Committed

Chidi Shekinah.

Chidi Shekinah is a seasoned trainer, an exceptional blogger, a seminar facilitator, a prolific writer, a conference speaker per excellence and a human capacity development expert.

He is the Project Manager of 4 Streams Initiative. He has a life mandate ‘’to help people recover lost grounds and secure future crowns’’.

He champions the cause of success and life skillsleadership skills and governance, Customer Service skillsChurch Development and Packaging, and also Change and Growth Consultancy.

He has authored books such ‘The Motivational Recipe for Effective Life’ and ‘Change; the Catalyst of Growth’ etc

He is happily married with children.


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